Muslim man saves UP policeman from agitated mob during CAA protest in Firozabad

Police Man Ajay Kumar that was simply rescued by Haji Qadir, mentioned"He arrived to be an angel in my own life.  Could it been because of me I would happen to be murdered".
 I'd harms using a few of my palms and mind.  He also gave me drinking water along with also his clothes wear and ensured me I will be more safe.  He required me into the police channel after", that suffered injuries to his hands and also mind from mad demonstrators on December 20.
The protest turned violent in Firozabad on December 20 along with also the battle broke out among police employees and protesters throughout protests from the law.

Further, he Qadir stated,"He had been badly hurt, and I ensured him which I'll spare him.  I used ton't understand his title during the moment; point.  That which I used was to get humankind".

On inquiring concerning the episode, Qadir instructed he was supplying Namaz if he didn't be aware a policeman was besieged by means of a mob.

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